Pigtown Fling

Take the nourishing ingredients of Scottish folk music, mix in the exotic flavours of other European traditions and season with a dash of old-time mountain herbs. Mix them all together, stir vigorously and leave in the sun to cure. What do you get? Pigtown Fling, a trio serving up a musical dish designed to invigorate even the most demanding of palates.

Using guitar, mandola, fiddle, mandolin, whistles, concertina, banjo, bagpipes (Border and Spanish) and clarsach (Scottish harp), Pigtown Fling combine them all to produce a refreshing, cross-cultural sound.

With three multi-instrumentalists playing a wide range of music from all corners of the globe Pigtown Fling are perfect for any occasion… festivals, pubs, clubs, weddings, parties and all manner and shapes of social gatherings.

Pigtown Fling was born of the Oban session scene where Stephen McNally first met Rab Woods and then Chris Beveridge.