jean langlais festival

Les Amis de Jean Langlais Festival, La Fontenelle, Brittany, France

It’s not too long now before our main gig of the year; to play in the local chuch of Saint Samson. The festival is to be held in a small village in Brittany called La Fontenelle, a village of just over 500 inhabitants. It’s basically in the countryside, around 30 miles away from the nearest large town, Rennes.

The Journey

My journey there is going to be just plain crazy. But if I was ever to pick a way of getting anywhere, it would be the stupid way! I’m going on holiday to the Algrave, Portugal, on the 1st of July, coming back on the 16th, landing in Eat Midlands Airport at hopefully aroung 4am, driving up to Glasgow because I’m sharing the driving (it’s only fair), then getting picked up and driving all the way back down again to Bournemouth (I think), getting on a ferry to St Malo, and driving the 30 odd miles to La Fontenelle!

The Festival

The last I heard we were not going to be playing in the local church because the local priest said if we weren’t going to be playing any church related music, then we wouldn’t be suitable to play in a church. Fair enough. But I looked up the festival related website and we’re still billed to play there. I’ve played in a church once before, at a friend’s wedding, but this is another thing altogether. This festival has classically trained choirs and church organists and the like playing at it, and this wee band from Argyll are going to be the main end of festival entertainment. Quite nervous thinking about it. But I’m sure we will get our music across and our collective vibe will win the day.

The festival organisers asked us for a programme of music that we planned to play, something I have never had to come up with before. I’ve maybe used set lists, but never a set programme before.

Really looking forward to it all though. I may well be completely jaked by the time I get there, but at least I’ll be tanned and fabulous!

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