first gig as trio

Kames Hotel (our first official gig as a trio)

The Invite

We were invited to play at Kames Hotel on the Kyles of Bute on the 31st of May. We were also asked to initiate a session for any local players on the Sunday.

We got there around 6 so we had enough time to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings and take our time sizing up what we’d need for PA etc.

Before the gig we sat and had a light refreshment in the beer garden and had a bit to eat. Then we set up the gear and got ready to go.

The Gig

I noticed we should be in for a good night when I saw a small crowd coming in to listen to us.

We tested the water by starting the gig with some good ol Scottish tunes and it went down very well. And it just got better from there. The crowd were great and were appreciative and up for whatever we chose to play.

It had been a day filled with glorious sunshine so a lot of the younger crowd had apparently been at various barbecues, so that meant an older crowd at the start, then all the young ones piled in.

Instantly we were treated to some fine improvised dancing, including a couple of breakdancers. Definitely a first! They were all right up for it and they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Once the gig had finished we packed all the gear away and we declined the request to join some of the locals and play at a party, so we played a small unplugged set at the bar, knowing our beds were only moments away should we need them.

The Midgies!

When the bar closed Chris went to her bed, leaving me and Stephen to go down to the slipway with a bottle of whisky, a mandolin and a mandola for some alfresco tunes.

As hard as we tried the midgies got the better of us. We tried to ignore them. We even tried in our most desperate time using some of the whisky as lotion to calm the bites down! We did manage a few tunes and a few drams, but we had to concede and head back to the hotel. I thought by 2am the midgies would be in their beds but no way!

The Session

Next morning Chris met some of her family and went sailing while me and Stephen nursed our heads and midge related injuries, went for a walk and headed back to the hotel to exchange some tunes, all before a HUGE lunch.

We then decided to get the session going by playing outside in the beer garden, where we were to be joined by some local fiddlers. Eventually the rain started and we moved inside and continued the session by playing some fine Scottish tunes.

As our first official gig as a trio I think it was a great success. The staff and owners of the Kames Hotel were very friendly, welcoming, generous and appreciative, and we are all looking forward to visiting them again on Saturday, 2nd of August.

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